Ever wonder what's on the minds of kids in military families?
Read their personal stories of resiliency in Military Kids Speak!

Being a military kid is a big job. In fact, it’s an enormous audience of over 1.7 million kids at any given time stationed all around the world. Most military kids move six to nine times while growing up, they have to be great at making friends quickly, carry a lot of responsibilities, and have to deal with deployments and carry a sense of worry that most kids will never know. Still, these kids triumph and rise to the occasion and show emotional strength and maturity far beyond their ages.

Military kids are impressive by all standards. As the author of Military Kids Speak, I am officially a military brat and walk the walk. I grew up with a father in the Navy and married a Marine. Our oldest daughter is married to an Air Force Senior Airman and I know first hand what it means to grow up military. As parents of a military kid, we raised a successful, amazing young woman who is now twenty-one and studying to become a nurse. She balances a military life with her husband who has been deployed to Afghanistan.

The Military Kids Speak book series will encourage and inspire by showing how great military kids really are and how being one is a huge advantage. Our childhoods contribute to who we are, and we all have the chance to define ourselves. That starts very young for a military kid. Perhaps you are a parent of a military kid or a military kid yourself. I started this book series with you in mind. Thousands of military kids have walked this journey before you. They range from famous celebrities like Michael J. Fox to politicians, teachers, doctors, volunteers and everyday people just like you and me.

The goal of this book series is to help you recognize your strengths, celebrate your accomplishments and pay tribute to the world of military kids who are making a big difference in this world. My aim is to highlight the kids from young to old, teen to tween and in between, who are making and then leaving their mark on this earth in a meaningful and purposeful way.


As such, what would you say to moving on from the term "Military Brats" to something more fitting like Military CHAMPS: Children of Heroes - America's Military Personnel? Send me an e-mail through the "contact" page and let me know what you think.

As I searched for these stories across the nation, it became clear that I could write volumes of books in a series about amazing military kids. For Volume I, I chose a sampling of stories from across the country that illustrate the best of what military kids have to say and offer. There are endless stories that I featured and look forward to including in future books, but for now, these stories of military kids who have spoken up, rose to the top of the enormous pile. They were so compelling, that they deserved to be shared in this first volume of Military Kids Speak. CHAMPS, keep checking here for more essay contests with great prizes!

Military Kids from all over the nation, this book is for you. Congratulations! You embody the spirit of our great country and are a credit to the young generation of future leaders, movers and shakers. Way to go, CHAMPS!

Dedicated to honoring and inspiring military kids,

Julie Marie Rahm

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