Is your child, tween or teen suffering from emotional or psychological problems associated with frequent moves, war deployments and reunions that come with being part of a military family?

As America's Mindset Mechanic ( I specialize in helping military kids cope with anxiety and stress through fun and inspirational one-on-one and group coaching.

My programs encourage young people to honor their individual strengths and celebrate who they are.

By applying intuition and logic, I identify the root cause of what is really troubling each child, tween or teen, and give them the tools and techniques they need to resolve it.

The result is young people who have more self-esteem and confidence, fewer worries, and better focus.

Programs are available in person and via telephone or Skype.

For more information call 252-675-5237 or send an e-mail to

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Julie Marie Rahm

Mindset means everything. And no one knows this better than Julie Marie Rahm, aka America's Mindset Mechanic ( A former naval physicist, Julie applies physics to the energy of human thought and the results thoughts create. As a military daughter, spouse and mother-in-law she has experienced the challenges of deployment separations, frequent moves and telecommuting careers while remaining happy and achieving her dreams.

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